Experienced in the unique aspects of anesthesia billing.

In the ever-changing healthcare environment, it’s simply not enough to maintain. Therefore, we consistently invest in all aspects of our business; people, processes, and systems, to stay ahead of our competition.

We create a competitive advantage for our clients because our team is experienced in unique aspects of anesthesia billing, and we don’t treat anesthesia as just one department. To maximize revenue in a compliant manner, it requires skill and expertise. Our client executives understand your business goals and deliver the information that you need to exceed those goals.

The core to a successful revenue cycle management vendor is an effective compliance program that creates a foundation for your clinical practice. A compliance program starts with the basics as governed by the OIG and various other organizations but is rooted in the leadership tenants of the organization. Bolder Billing Services focuses on delivering industry leading revenue cycle solutions in a compliant manner and backs that up with demonstrated results.

Throughout the year, compliance reviews and audits are completed both internally and externally. These audits are not just for code assignment but instead cover the entire revenue cycle. Reviews are done on each aspect of the revenue cycle to verify that the client specific protocols are being followed, coding is accurate, payments are applied correctly and any applicable credit balance is resolved. We also welcome client auditors and will provide needed documentation free of charge but with the request that the results are shared with us so that we can use it to further refine and improve our process.

Information is the lifeblood of any healthcare practice. Many organizations can provide data, but to make it effective, it must be interpreted and analyzed. At Bolder Billing Services, we provide you with not only a slate of month-end reports and real-time on-demand reporting but also a dedicated client executive to interpret the data and provide analysis to help you manage your business.

Each client will receive a month-end report package that encompasses the industry standard data that most practices will feel meets their needs. However, our team of dedicated reporting resources can create customized reports as needed to delve deeper into the data or to provide you with reports needed to run your business. Clients are also able to access BASCONNECT™ (Connect) at any time and obtain their reports. This service is our way to accelerate the delivery of information. We live in a Google age, why should your reports be any different. If you have a question, you will have access to the data needed to answer it.

Finally, your client executive is always available to answer questions, resolve issues or explain issues to you. They are tasked with knowing your business as well as the revenue cycle process. This knowledge will make them an invaluable resource to your practice.

To be an expert in the revenue cycle, you must be an expert at the software you use to manage it. At Bolder Billing Services we have taken that to a new level by acquiring an industry leading software solution. Our proprietary cloud-based software, BASCONNECT™ (Connect), is bolder by design. Connect diminishes the complications of medical billing and expedites payments through more accurate claim submissions, improving the capture of billable time and real-time coding and charge submissions.

For more information on Connect, visit Bolder Anesthesia Solutions.